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How to use critical thinking to spot Fake News.

What exactly is Fake News?

Fake News as defined by SixtyEightPointTwo is any news/opinion that is flawed, either trough deceit of the author, the failed used of statistics, or any other number of critical thinking fallacies.

The intent of the Fake News topic is to help our members recognize how to spot fake news. SixtyEightPointTwo will not take a position on any article, but will merely try to point out the fallacy.  An example is as follows: an article stated that forgiving school debt is a part of racial justice because black college students have 50% more debt than white students.  Citing this statistic is meaningless without discussing the cause of the disparity.


Critical Thinking Fallacies

Journalism sure has come a long way since the days when an early election call was a big deal.  Today, it is more difficult to sort through the mess, as writers attempt to make their arguments.

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